My name is James Stefiuk and I want to thank you for visiting our website. We photograph food exclusively and have been serving the Carolinas for the last decade.  Our photos have been used for food blogs, recipe columns, magazine articles, book and magazine covers as well as entire cookbooks. What sets us apart from the others is our three-pronged approach to furnishing food photography;

Location Shoots -We have shot scores of restaurant features for magazines. In addition to food shots, these typically include interior, exterior and personnel shots. We are experienced coordinating with chefs in busy environments with the least amount of intrusion or disruption.

Recipe Preparation - Under the supervision of chef Casey Stefiuk (my brother and a Johnson & Wales graduate),  we can prepare your recipes to your specifications in our facilities. It eliminates the coordination  necessary between preparation and photography saving you time and money.  It couldn't be easier -  give us your recipe, any layout considerations and final image specs and we'll deliver unique, high quality images every time!

Perfect for features on chefs, holidays, & other seasonal events! 

Recipe Library - We've created a library of recipe photo packages which were prepared and photographed in advance at our facilities. Each package consists of original high quality photos, an ingredient list, and detailed cooking instructions.  We are constantly adding new recipe packages to the library and focus on holidays & seasonal events throughout the year. Here are the benefits from purchasing from the recipe library;

  • Economical - Far less expensive than custom photography
  • Fast - All packages are available for immediate download and use
  • Variety - Access to hundreds of original photos & recipes

Perfect for online blog posts, recipe columns & other food features!

Photo Specs - If you purchase a recipe pkg directly from the website you will receive a JPEG in the RGB format with a resolution 3000 x 2000 - 300 dpi.  If you require other image specs all photos can be processed accordingly.

Payment Options - If you prefer to be invoiced instead of purchasing directly from the website, please email us with the recipe pkg no. & any custom image specs and I'll email you everything directly.    

To accommodate content preferences & time sensitivity, feel free to leave feedback with future recipe ideas & your deadline preferences for posting online and/or going to press.  Thanks!