"You mix a helluva caucasian Jackie"

Hmmm, what the hell can actually be said about this movie that hasn't been already!?  After jumping out of the gate with 2 HBO dramas it's about time I swung this food blog over to movies.  And I can't think of a better way to start than featuring perhaps the best cult comedy of all time.  The brothers Coen are by far and away my favorite directors working today.  Scorsese, Fincher, & Spielberg are high up on my list as well, but does anyone really have a 1, 2, 3 punch on their resume better than Fargo, The Big L, & No Country?  Don't answer that!  I'm sure this debate could be argued for years & years . . . I just wanted to throw it out there and pay tribute to one of the most quotable movies of all time.  So shut the fuck up Donnie and enjoy a recipe for this simple but delicious beverage, man!  


2 oz Vodka
1 oz Kahlua
Heavy cream*

Add the vodka and Kahlúa to an Old Fashioned glass filled with ice.

Top with a large splash of heavy cream and stir!

*My brother was messing around the other day and made his caucasians with Yoo-Hoo instead of cream . . . he said they were ridiculous!!

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